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Commercial property can be a very lucrative form of property investment however comes with it's own different advantages and disadvantages. Having the right loan is a must to ensure you maximise your investment return.
If you are considering a commercial purchase Balance Property & Finance can help source the best finance for you. Commercial lending is a very different style of lending and has a large difference in the products on offer and rates.
Commercial is generally classed as both specialised and non specialised property (or security). Examples of some specialised property may be -
  •   Hotels
  •   Caravan parks
  •   Petrol stations
  •   Certain factory premises


Examples of some non specialised property may be -


  •   Offices
  •   Warehouses
  •   Shops
  •   Certain factory premises


Banks do not provide simple pre approvals like residential lending and they assess each loan on an individual basis before they are able to provide an offer. Commercial loans also have a different structure of fees and each lender will have a specific list of requirements needed.

Balance Property & Finance can help guide you in what the lenders look for to attain a successful application as well as search for the product that works best for you. Please contact us if you are considering a commercial purchase so we can cover your specific needs.

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