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The Australian banks are welcoming of applications from Non Resident borrowers, Australian Citizens and Permanent Residency Visa (PR visa) holders living overseas.
Due to the specialist nature of this style of lending we highly recommend that you do enlist the services of someone experienced in this area of banking.
In Australia if you make unsuccessful attempts for finance, this could leave a virtual stain on your Australian record.
Quite simply, if your application has not been accepted, your credit report in Australia may have this listed. Any new lender may see that you have been unsuccessful in the past and may deem you not to be a worthwhile applicant, even before you get started with them. The more times you are refused the worse this can become.

Balance Property & Finance has built many contacts and relationships with lenders to ensure we have access to a wide range of non resident products and so they understand our clients needs. Investing or buying in Australia should not be difficult at all as long as certain steps are followed.

Australia has a strong law system for property ownership as well as a highly regulated property and finance industry making Australia one of the safest countries in this aspect for investment and hence why it has grown in popularity over the years with overseas buyers.

Whether you are buying for investment, an Australian Ex Pat thinking of returning home, or buying with the idea of migrating to Australia, Balance Property & Finance can help guide you through the process of obtaining finance for your Australian property purchase, ensuring you understand the banks requirements so a successful application is achieved.
For further information on obtaining finance while purchasing Australian property from overseas, please see the following linked pages -


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