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Property Value Estimate
The current value of a property is without doubt one of the most important pieces of information for any property owner, especially investors.
Researching your property/ies current values every couple of years can be a huge help in making sure the right decision is being made. Either when the time comes you may wish to sell  to move or unlock some of the  existing equity in  a current property to use as security to borrow for further property investment.
That is why In addition to our free Bank Interest Audit and at the 2nd anniversary of our clients loan settlement (*). We also order and pay for a property value estimate, conducted by one of Australia’s leading research companies. This is created based on sales information within this research company’s database. This Information is sourced from Valuer Generals offices around Australia and also over 8,900 real estate agencies. Each estimate comes with a confidence score. 
Although this is free to Balance Property and Finance clients (*) we can help you arrange for this value estimate at your cost if you choose not to use our loan services.
(*) Offered to clients who borrow a minimum of $150,000

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